Map of Seeds

Click on the locations marked on the map to explore the geography of the seeds that have been submitted to us, and their description from the contributors.

This map is based on information provided by contributors, and only shows seeds which contributors provided latitude & longitude. This map will be periodically updated.

As the map shows, we would especially encourage people to contribute more seeds located in West Africa, South America and Asia.

2 Replies to “Map of Seeds”

  1. Would the opportunity of a movement around learning ecosystems in natural environment to decentralise Knowledge sound ecosystem intelligence be an applicable seed. We are an organisation in Cape Town called ReWild.

  2. Hi, love your map – I found it through twitter. I live in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. There is a green dot placed over my area, but it seems to belong to Rotterdam. Hopefully in the next revision it will be edited. And hopefully someone from Wales will have contributed as well! Cheers!

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