Researchers from the Seeds project have presented their version of the project in different settings, and we have made videos based on some of our workshops.

Identifying successful socio ecological initiatives | Video of Elena Bennett speaking at World Economic Forum in 2017.

By dwelling on the possibility of a dystopian environmental future, we run the risk of making the prediction self-fulfilling. We need more inspirational visions – but which are realistic and believable. Elena Bennett, Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill, is collecting examples of “bright spots” from around the world in a bid to change people’s meta-narratives about the direction of the world.

Webinar: Exploring social-ecological transformations and seeds of a good Anthropocene

Albert Norström, Per Olsson and others from Future Earth´s Transformations Knowledge-Action Network discuss mobilising research around social-ecological transformations and exploring pathways toward a ‘good’ Anthropocene. This webinar originally aired on 19 October 2016.