Seeds Project Receives 2019 Innovation in Sustainability Science Award from Ecological Society of America

The Seeds of a Good Anthropocene team won the 2019 ESA Innovation in Sustainability Science Award for our 2016 study Bright spots: seeds of a good Anthropocene which was published in 2016 in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. For more about the paper: Bennett EM, Solan M, Biggs R, McPhearson T, Norström AV, Olsson P, Pereira L, Peterson GD, Raudsepp-Hearne C, Biermann F, Carpenter SR, Ellis EC, Hichert T, [...]

Seeds Project Featured in NESTA report

Nesta, a UK based NGO, recently published a report on participatory futures techniques that features the Seeds project.  Their report explores participatory futures techniques that systematically engage people to imagine and create more sustainable, inclusive futures.

Contribute A Seed

Do you know of a project, idea or initiative that could radically change the world for the better? Elements of a Good Anthropocene currently exist on the planet, and in this project we are calling them ‘seeds’. 'Seeds' are initiatives that exist at least in prototype form, but are not currently dominant in our world.  They can be social, technological, economic, social-ecological, ways of thinking or doing, case studies, or [...]

Seeds at the World Economic Forum

In June 2016, project co-founder Elena Bennett presented Seeds of Good Anthropocenes at the World Economic Forum - Annual Meeting of the New Champions, in Tianjin, China. Bennett was one of dozens of researchers who attended the meeting to present transformative and innovative science to world leaders in business, policy, academia, and communication. The World Economic Forum is a chance for change-makers and innovators from vastly different fields to come [...]





Seeds are existing initiatives which hold potential to shape the future. They are likely not widespread nor well-known. They can be social initiatives, new technologies, economic tools, or social-ecological projects, or organisations, movements or new ways of acting that have that appear to be making a substantial contribution towards creating a future that is just, prosperous, and sustainable.

We gather seeds from diverse research disciplines, communities of practice, and individuals that have different world-views, values, and problems. This diversity means that not everyone will agree on the importance or value of every seed.

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