How do we challenge people’s deeply-held beliefs about how the world works and all the associated behaviours that go along with these?

Cascoland is an international network of artists, architects, designers and performers sharing a fascination for interdisciplinary interventions in public space, promoting mobilization, participation and networking through artistic exchange and collaboration. Projects are executed with multi-disciplinary teams of artists and designers.

Cascoland activates public space through artistic interventions, construction of architectural structures/objects, the use of performance and new media, and most essentially, audience participation. Artists, audiences, residents, local initiatives and organizations are being mobilized to participate in the shaping of their public space and to make it a reflection of their identity. These interventions, unexpected events/objects in striking locations, are addressing and challenging behavioural patterns and conventions. See here for a description of a recent project in Holland that transformed a marginalized neighbourhood.

The Cascoland projects/artwork can be seen as tools to be used by participants and audiences rather than artworks to be exhibited. The aim is to change and challenge perceptions, empower individuals and communities and create awareness, not only with audiences and residents, but also with planners, designers, organizations and authorities.

Cascoland is an example of a ‘social’ seed that can lead to social-ecological transformations.