Great Lakes Commons: Commons-based stewardship and becoming a great ancestor

The Great Lakes are great in every sense of the word. Bordering the U.S. and Canada, and spanning over 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) east to west, these large inland seas are the largest surface freshwater system in the world. They contain over 20 percent of the Earth’s supply of fresh water. Over 30 million people …

Yahara Pride Farms

Yahara Pride Farms ( is a coalition of farmers, business people, environmentalists, technical experts and government employees that aims to decrease nonpoint pollution in the Yahara watershed, Madison Wisconsin. YPF engages farmers directly in changes in farm management practices to decrease nonpoint pollution. YPF is experimenting with manure digestors, cover crops, deep injection of manure into croplands, and other new and innovative nutrient management practices. The programs include monitoring to evaluate the effects of the practices.