Mandated Multi-functionality

Can mandated multi-functionality, supported by government at multiple scales, address multiple Anthropocene challenges while building social capital? Mandated multi-functionality is a concept being studied and implemented by researchers and partners in British Columbia, Canada developed through the Solutions Agenda Research Project. The general concept is to re-think spaces and land-use in ways that better accommodates multiple functions, and ultimately mandate the implementation of multi-functionality in communities. This can include interior spaces that [...]

Refugees Welcome

Refugees Welcome has been described as Air BnB for refugees. It is a site that aims to connect refugees with people who have spare rooms to let in their apartments/houses. It was started by a couple Mareike Geiling and Jonas Kakoschke in Berlin, initially to host refugees in Germany and Austria, but it is branching out into other EU countries. It is essentially a platform that enables ordinary people to help out with [...]

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Podemos and the Indignado Movement

Are more democratic systems necessary before important social-ecological transformations can occur on a large scale? Podemos is a Spanish political party that appeared in early 2014. The relevance of Podemos as a seed lies in its potential to democratize politics by challenging the two-party system that has ruled Spain for 30+ years. The most remarkable aspect of this initiative may be the degree to which Podemos has been able to activate [...]

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