Connecting people to people, rebuilding understanding of how systems work: Can creative, international and interdisciplinary education structures focusing on broad topics such as the Anthropocene create synergies and networks that could improve information flows and help to change ingrained ways of thinking and behaving?

Objective: To affect participants intellectual, emotional and consequently scientific engagement with the idea of the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene Campus & Curriculum was a 10-day event run by the House of World Cultures in Berlin in November 2014. It brought together about 110 junior researchers and artists, and 35 faculty/experts to discuss transdisciplinary knowledge production in the Anthropocene, and had a significant effect on participants understanding and engagement with the Anthropocene concept. One participant thinks that it triggered new knowledge production patterns among its participants.

The Anthropocene demands a new way of thinking about, seeing, investigating, and interacting with the world, and this kind of event can bring about the necessary steps in relearning habits of thinking and acting, and habits of doing research. Unlearning and relearning the way people think about the world/our current reality, and allowing them to develop new ways of thinking about and interacting with the world may be important in changing the course of development in the Anthropocene.