How can reconfiguring small-scale industrial production enable a community to tap local ecosystems services sustainably to address social challenges? In Uganda, and in much of the developing world, when school-aged girls hit puberty, they are often forced to miss school during menstruation due to the inaccessibility of affordable sanitation products. Fifteen years ago Moses Musaazi, an engineering lecturer from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, was asked by social [...]

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Ghana Bamboo Bikes

How can new businesses connect the social to the ecological? The Ghana Bamboo Bikes is a social enterprise founded by Bernice Dapaah promotes social development in Ghana.  It aspires to reduce climate change while providing rural jobs.  Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative has grown from a project idea into an award winning social enterprise.  It is one of a number of bamboo bike companies in Ghana, that include Bamboo Bikes Limited, Yonso Project, [...]

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