Planet Levers Lab

Addressing the Anthropocene's large-scale, complex challenges - beyond reductionist problem solving The Blindspot Think Tank, based in England, aims to develop solutions informed by system-change opportunities that are widely overlooked. One of their projects is ‘Planet levers’: a problem-solving method and ready-to-use policy options designed to match the complexity, scale and speed of today's problems ( They suggest that breaking big problems into pieces has become the standard approach, even though this has never worked for [...]

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100 Resilient Cities

Cities are tackling many environmental issues that have proved extremely challenging to deal with at larger scales. Are cities an efficient and effective scale at which to take action on challenges in the Anthropocene? 100 Resilient Cities ( is a program initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation that aims to help cities around the world become more resilient to environmental, social and economic problems. The program aims to help cities develop strategies to [...]

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