Can items we use every day be more sustainable? Can we, as consumers, promote and invest in more socially conscious products to diversify the marketplace? Fairphone is a non-profit company that produces phones that are ecologically and socially conscious. They aim to create a positive social impact at each step of production, which includes mining, design, manufacturing, life cycle and social entrepreneurship. They are expanding the market for products that [...]

New Social Covenant

Can corporations and economic powers just DECIDE to act more ethically towards citizens and the environment? How effective might a social covenant be? The New Social Covenant (http://newsocialcovenant.org/about_us.php) was developed at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There are at least 36 entities that have signed on.  Covenanters agree to act in the interest of three universal aspirations: (1) the dignity of the person; (2) the importance of the common good that [...]

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