Sand Motor

How can infrastructure work with ecological dynamics?   The Sand Engine (Zandmotor), is an human-created sand peninsula that is designed to gradually erode in a way that sustains a coastline against coastal erosion.  Coastal erosion is increasing world-wide due to climate change driven sea level rise.  The Sand Engine represents an example of a new approaches to coastal engineering that work with rather than against nature. Kitesurfer in the lagoon of the Sand [...]

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Five Feet aims to initiate gatherings large and small "at the tide" (along beaches and tidal lowlands) around the globe to connect everyday people with the coming realities of sea level rise. Five feet (or 1.5 meters) has been chosen as a benchmark, because it is a measure easily judged using human stature as a guide. The goal is to use these Five-Feet Moments as a learning tool to engage everyday [...]

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