The Fish Box scheme is a group of UK initiatives that brings sustainably caught, fresh fish right to your doorstep.  Fish comes straight from the landing site direct to your door and apart from having access to fresh fish, you also get to know the different landing sites and boats and are also assured that it is caught sustainably.

There seem to be an overwhelming abundance of these schemes in operation along the Cornish coast. Some include the Cornish Fishmonger, The Fish Box Club, but there are also schemes in Scotland like Coast and Glen and companies that service the whole of the UK, Fish in a Box.

An interesting aspect of these schemes, is while fish boxes are a luxury good, they are an intervention not only to encourage more direct linkages between sites of production (or fishing in this case) and consumption in households. Many of the schemes emphasise the importance of supporting local fishermen, many of whom come from generations of fishers and who maintain more sustainable fishing methods. Building these relationships between the quality of food we consume, the sustainability of how food is caught or produced as well as the economic benefits that people who derive a direct livelihood from the food system is arguably an central aspect of a good Anthropocene.

It would be interesting to see how this type of ‘seed’ could be replicated in different parts of the world- especially in places where artisanal fishers operate on more of a subsistence level and where large-scale commercial fisheries have undermined the livelihoods of local fishermen.

It could also be a great way of connecting consumers with the fishers who put the fish on their plate!