Can tourism be remodelled to encourage learning about sustainable, ethical travel? 

Tourism is a global industry, and also seen as an important part of economic growth, especially in developing countries. It can be a very positive thing, but it needs to be done in a fair and sustainable way. That is not the case in most places today, and getting the information on how to be a responsible traveller out to the consumers is a very important part of making tourism sustainable.

Schyst Resande (Fair Travel), based in Sweden, is a fair and sustainable travel network that highlights various aspects of ethical tourism and provides a holistic approach to sustainable tourism. The organization educates travellers and tourism students on how to make tourism better, both for the environment and the people involved in this massive industry. It also puts pressure on the tourism sector to take more responsibility over the impacts that tourism has on societies and our planet.

The tourism industry has fallen behind when it comes to corporate social responsibility, and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world – and growing. Changing tourism for the better will have a huge impact on the world.