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Seeds at the World Economic Forum

In June 2016, project co-founder Elena Bennett presented Seeds of Good Anthropocenes at the World Economic Forum - Annual Meeting of the New Champions, in Tianjin, China. Bennett was one of dozens of researchers who attended the meeting to present transformative and innovative science to world leaders in business, policy, academia, and communication. The World Economic Forum is a chance for change-makers and innovators from vastly different fields to come [...]

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Farm Hack: open source technology for small-scale resilient agriculture

 How can small-scale farmers network to share ideas, innovations, and inventions to increase the resilience of sustainable agriculture and rural economies? Before the industrial revolution, low-input agriculture was the norm, but now, farmers must make a conscious choice if they want to avoid large scale mechanization.  Many small-scale farmers in the US are discovering new means of food production and in the process, innovating tools and equipment. Innovations can range [...]

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Social change through “Social Ecology” in Montreal

By Théo Rouhette How can a citizen community use popular education and social action in order to transform society and its institutions toward an ecological, egalitarian and democratic future? Challenges such as climate change and global inequity can be so overwhelming, individuals may feel powerless to respond and create positive change. But what if there was a way to organize ourselves so that together we can make more of a difference than [...]

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“Open Standards” for the Practice of Conservation

How Can Conservation Organizations share a common language and framework for increased learning and adaptive management?  In a world with competing interests and an ever increasing pressure on the natural world, it is important that resources spent on biodiversity conservation are used to their utmost efficacy. Biodiversity conservation is often a moving target, and the stakes are high. How much protection is enough? Which tactics are the most effective? How do we know [...]

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Idle No More: Indigenous activists call for peaceful revolution

How can Indigenous peoples bring environmental sustainability and social justice issues together into a single transformative movement? Idle No More activists at the Peoples Climate March 2014 Photo by Allan Lisner It all started in 2012 when four Canadian women (primarily Indigenous) wanted to protest against federal legislation which threatened protection of traditional lands and waters. They felt as if conventional negotiation tactics were not resulting in meaningful [...]

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mySidewalk: internet enabled democracy

How can the networking power of the internet be used to leverage more representative democracy? Imagine having a simple, direct way of informing city planners and local decision-makers of your views about traffic, schools, parks, libraries and other issues that affect your life. What if sharing your opinion on municipal planning was as simple as going online? mySidewalk offers online forums for community engagement. All photos from mySidewalk.com [...]

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Puffin Patrol

How can a community work together to protect an endangered species threatened by local development? If you find yourself in Witless Bay, Newfoundland, on a cool late summer night, you are likely to see a strange sight: little puffins, wandering around the town, seemingly lost, less than one foot tall, meandering around cars and light posts. This remote Canadian region is home to the largest Puffin colony in North America [...]

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Santropol Roulant

How can an organization address urban food security and social inclusion while meeting the shifting needs and interests of a community? The word “roulant” in French means “rolling” which conjures an image of some kind of cycle or circle –something that gives back.  Cycles and interconnections are often hidden from urban life, despite their omnipresence. Sometimes organizations can bring these cycles to life and build new connections within urban spaces. [...]

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